Standard All-In-One Paper Cutter w/regular Blade(24)

Code: A50024




Butcher Paper Roll Cutter

The Bulman Standard All-In-One paper cutter and dispenser is one of the most widely used paper roll paper cutters in the world. This is designed to provide you with years of maintenance-free operation. Bulman cutters smoothly dispense many types of paper including butcher paper, Kraft paper and warapping paper. This cuts evenly, using either side of the double-edged, spring-loaded blade.

  • Roll Changing is easy with dowel holders and knife arms that lock into open position.
  • Paper cutter includes rubber free to protect surfaces or it can be mounted on counter, under counter or on a wall (mounting hardware not included or offered)
  • Holds up to 9" diameter roll, on 3" core
  • Finished in a light gray powder coat
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