Code: GLG40J




Glass crystals for application in Peterson  burner systems and outdoor gas fireplaces/pits. The 5 lb., 7.5 lb., 10 lb. or 40 lb.pound bucket of specially formulated, tempered and tumbled glass is safe to handle since it has no sharp edges. Enjoy Glass-Fyre's brilliance for a lifetime. Flames dancing through shimmering glass offer icy-hot outdoor or indoor mood.
For complete information on Peterson Fyre Glass and Fyre Gems, click HERE.

It takes 30 lbs. to cover a 24" diameter firepit1 to 1 1/2" depth.

It takes 50 lbs.  to cover a 30" diameter firepit 1 1/2" depth.

It takes 75 lbs. to cover a 36" firepit diameter 1 1/2" depth.

It takes 135 lbs.  to cover a 48" firepit diameter 1 1/2" depth

Choose 5 lb., 7.5 lb., 10 lb or 40 lb. bucket above.

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